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One of our Boxing Day traditions when I was a child was snuggling up in our new pyjamas with a blanket and hot chocolate and reading. I always got new books for Christmas and often chose them as presents for my parents too. Looking back, for my parents it was probably a great way of having a calm, quiet few hours but I loved it and still do it now.

I’ll also be trying to convince my children to do it this year, as a way of calming down after the Christmas Day chaos!

Emilie Buchwald’s quote “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”was incredibly true for me, as it is for many children. In our last blog we discussed how important reading is for future success, and looked at studies that show personalised books are much better for teaching children unfamiliar words than standard books.

This year, forget the plastic toys that hold their appeal for only a few days and encourage your children to get into reading – a gift that really will last a lifetime.

Reason 1
This personalised kids book has plenty of options

We’ve included a range of options in our personalised childrens book. There are 128 combinations, right down to including freckles!

You can add their name and yours. By making the story literally about them, it opens up lots more conversations. Studies show it helps children talk more often and for longer as they can relate to the story much more.

But the best bit will be seeing your child’s face light up when they get to their very own picture printed at the back of their personalised book. You can build and preview your full book here

Reason 2
High Quality Product

We spent a long time finding the right printer to work with. The company we chose produce absolutely beautiful bright prints, with stable secure binding. The lamination is long lasting but also biodegradable – the best of both worlds.

This personalised kids book is great for reading to younger children with its stunning illustrations. But we don’t shy away from unusual words or characters so it is just as brilliant for helping with language development as your child gets older.

Reason 3
One of the few environmentally friendly personalised kids books.

Biodegradable lamination – TICK
Printed on recycled paper – TICK

This personalised book for kids isn’t something that will be taken out a few times and then shoved in the back of the cupboard like many plastic toys.

It’s a wonderful story, full of imagination and adventure. All about your child or niece, nephew, god-child or important child in your life. A book that will be read again, and again (and again – kids love repetition!)

The printers we use are committed to reducing their carbon emissions and working towards zero waste.

Reason 4
Charity donations in December will be donated.

We’ll be donating £2 from the sale of every personalised kids book to Edie’s Fight
This holds a special place in our hearts and ll we’ll be donating to her cause.

Reason 5
A personalised kids book that works for lots of families

Our personalised kids book allows you to personalise not only the childs name, but also that of the carer.

We know all families look different. So whether its mum, dad, nanny, grandad or anyone else, we won’t limit you with a list of options. You can type in any name that you want your personalised book to show.


The very best bit about this story will be the moment your child sees themselves printed in their very own book. Parents have told us that their kids eyes lit up and even that they’ve screamed in surprise. Create a personalised kids book for your child this Christmas and give them the lifelong gift of reading.

If you’re after an extra special gift we can also print it as a Hardback book – just pop us an email


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