mum and son reading personalised childrens bookThe 3 Main Benefits of Personalised Childrens Books

Perfectly You Stories was born when my friend’s children began to notice they looked different to their classmates. With one very pale, red-headed parent of Irish descent, and the other of Pakistan descent with deep brown hair and eyes and dark golden skin, they have a glorious mix of colouring. We talked about the stories she told them and how we could help them love exactly who they were.

We created Perfectly You Stories to allow you create a fully personalised childrens book, using their name, your name, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone and even adding freckles.

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Building Reading Confidence

The Science bit

A study by UCL has shown that the rate children learn unfamiliar words, is much higher with the use of a personalised book during shared reading.

This is incredibly important because children’s vocabulary is one of the most important predictors of children’s reading comprehension* and success at school.**  This study shows the comprehension was significantly higher when reading a personalised childrens book.

How amazing is that! A book your child loves,
is also a book that helps them learn significantly better.

Our personalised kids books are rhyming and engaging, two more highly effective elements in encouraging your child be an early reader. We’re all about raising readers at Perfectly You Stories and when your child flips the last page to find a picture of themselves grinning back, we know they’ll want to read it with you again and again.

Puzzle pieces showing the options for creating a personalised kids bookCelebrating Differences

We think all children should be able to see themselves represented in stories. Only a tiny percentage of childrens books contain a character from BAME background. We’ve purposely added a multitude of skin tones, alongside eye and hair colours to help you create a character that, while may not be an identikit, will be recognisable to your child.

We’ve recently added freckles and are looking at more options, if there is anything you would particularly like to see added pop us an email here. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what would make our personalised childrens books even better. phoenix in shades of auburn for personalised childrens book

Our stories might take you to meet pirates, princesses, foxes or a dragon. Each character helps the parent or guardian on their adventure to make the child who they are. And if your hair colour was given to you from the tail feather of a phoenix, how could you not love it?

Personalised Childrens Books Help Children Love Reading

Futher studies found many other positive responses specifically relating to personalised childrens books. These include increased closeness, warmth, and higher levels of eye contact between parent and child.

The combination of our large format books with their brightly coloured, illustrations and personalisation helps create a safe and stimulating environment in which a child’s love of reading and language can grow. It also encourages discussion, children are more likely to talk for longer and more often, asking questions such as “Is that me”, “Is my hair really that colour.” Presenting more and more opportunities for Parent/Child interaction.

Seeing themselves in a story is a great way to help children see themselves as ‘readers’. Something that is so important in encouraging early reading skills.

We’re still learning about all the wonderful effects personalised childrens books can have. We’d love to hear your thoughts, read your reviews and listen to any suggestions in making our book even better.

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*Senechal, 2010; Wixson, 1986, **Snow, Griffin & Burns, 2005

Benefits of Personalised Childrens Books Personalised Childrens Books

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