When is a box not a box?

As technology advances, so too does the cost of Christmas when you have children, coupled with the pressure of trying to keep up with technology and its ever increasing price tag, Christmas can become a very stressful time for all the wrong reasons.

This year I asked both my sons to write their Christmas wish lists, and gulped when I saw my 9 year old’s list, asking for an Xbox and a PS4 with virtual head set totaling up to £1000 plus other thing’s.

It was time to start managing expectations!
When I approached him to let him down gently and explain that these items were far too expensive and that Santa wouldn’t be bringing them, he looked up at me and said “ don’t worry mum, Santa will just make them.He doesn’t have to buy them so it will be fine!” and there it is, we have created a magical mind field for us all.

What do we do when our children still believe?

I remember when a cardboard box was not just a box.That box was the most exciting thing ever, I was a pilot in my plane, or racing my brother in my car, my box was the setting for my grand stage where I held a puppet show for all the family, my box was the TV and I would be a famous presenter and singer, or a princess sailing on my ship when the pirates (aka my brother) would attack my ship, but my favourite was visiting all the planets in the galaxy in my space rocket, and battling aliens and saving the earth.

So when is a box not a box? When it’s in the hands and under complete control of a young child’s imagination, that’s when a box can become anything!


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