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Our main purpose with our personalised children’s book was to instil self-confidence in every child whilst celebrating individuality in a unique and magical way.

From the moment your child is born, life changes in so many ways, but nothing more so than that overwhelming protective instinct to guard your little human being from … well.. everything!.

There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain both emotionally or physically.  But we are two mums and in reality we realise that being a parent is difficult! Whilst we take great pride in seeing our children experience new things, and watch as they develop their own individual personalities, we can’t protect them from everything! be it play ground politics or other external factors, but what we can do is lay a solid foundation in self belief!

We can all probably recall a story from childhood when a comment was made about some aspect of our appearance. I (Samantha) grew up feeling insecure because I had auburn hair, children can be very judgmental and it was therfore important for me that my children felt secure with who they were, both inside and out.

We created our books with the sole purpose to empower and instil a sense of belonging and confidence in children, we have achieved this by uniquely introducing and celebrating differences through a story book based on a child’s very own features.

Perfectly you stories is a new concept allowing the guardian to build a personalised book for each child with their very own photo, whilst at the same time telling a magical story of how they (the guardian) met many wonderful characters along the way, who gave them the perfect eye colour, hair colour and skin tone for their child, all of which makes them so unique.

Whilst we acknowledge that a sense of self is not all about how we appear, we also acknowledge that children are exposed to far more media, TV, computer games and Apps all of which tend to portray idealised body images, and children can therefore be forgiven for believing that a certain look is what society finds acceptable. You just need to look at the traditional Barbie and Ken, or any Disney characters to see how the confusion and preferences can be perceived.

Perfectly You Stories has a mission to build confidence and a strong sense of self-esteem by subtly introducing each child to themselves in a magical way. We hope that the concept of diversity can then be explored in a safe and controlled environment. It’s never too early to explore diffrences and encourage confidnece in who your child is!

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Romy & Samantha


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